crDroid 8 - February 2022 summary

Written on Mar 06, 2022 by Lup Gabriel

Another month, another crDroid news update.

With this month updates, crDroid main focus was the stability of source and bringup of new features and devices.

So without further ado, here is the new stuff we've added:

  • Updated to latest Google security patches
  • Old style signal icon
  • Combined signal icons
  • Hide QS on secure lockscreen
  • UDFPS icon picker (fingerprint on display)
  • UDFPS custom animation (fingerprint on display)
  • Charging animation
  • Screen off animation
  • Navbar styles
  • Alert slider notifications (device specific - OnePlus)
  • Volume panel on left toggle
  • Volume panel timeout
  • Unlock higher FPS in game toggle
  • Unlimited Google photos toggle

Also some more device joined the official crDroid 8 branch:

Device Link
MI 8
Pixel 2
Mi A2 Lite
Galaxy Tab S5e LTE
Galaxy Tab S5e WIFI
Redmi Note 8/8T
Realme C2
OnePlus 9 Pro
Redmi G80 Series
Redmi Note 9
OnePlus 7T Pro
Xiaomi Mi 9T :

Well this is it, catch ya'll next month :)