Changelog week 9 - 2023

crDroid 9.3 just around the corner

Written on Mar 02, 2023 by Lup Gabriel

Hey there guys.
This is our regularly post of changes that have been happening on crDroid since our last post.

GameSpace: Notify in-coming call number when receiving/rejecting call
GameSpace: Port auto answer/reject calls feature
DeskClock: Don't delete expired timers
SystemUI: Integrate Google Lens into Screenshot UI
SystemUI: Make Lens work without independent package installed
SystemUI: Do not add lens screenshot without google package enabled
Launcher3: Fix widget add screen on dark theme
Launcher3: Fix crash when placing widgets
Launcher3: Update themed icons
Launcher3: Enable One all apps search feature
Launcher3: Enable local colors for popup menu items
Launcher3: Enable keyguard animation
Launcher3: Fixed some issues with some app icons
Aperture: Add Google Lens icon
Improved 5GHz wifi connection dropout in case of low coverage
Apply dark theming to split shade
Fixed clock text color on combined qs header
Updates to bionic and art
Some small bluetooth changes
Some other small fixes and improvements
Updated translations

We've also added official support for following devices:

Device Link
Redmi Note 11 Pro+/Poco X4 Pro
Pixel 2

Also some devices are looking for new maintainers:

Device Link
Realme XT
ASUS ZenFone 5Z
Xiaomi Mi 5
Xiaomi 11

Catch ya'll in the next one :)

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