crDroid 9.1 released

January 2023 security patches merged

Written on Jan 15, 2023 by Lup Gabriel

January security paches for crDroid 9 (Android 13) are now merged.
There are some more additions since our last post, so lets get them listed.

Initial crDroid 9.1
Updated to January 2023 security patches (android-13.0.0_r20)
Launcher3: Move memory info to bottom by default
Launcher3: InfoBottomSheet: Fix NPE with AppTransitionManager
Launcher3: fixed RTL layout issues
Launcher3: Add toggle to show/hide app drawer search bar
Launcher3: Do not skip search animation for app icons
Launcher3: Fixed search issues
Launcher3: Fix taskbar crash without QSB
Launcher3: Improve logic for building themed icons map
Launcher: Added kill action to app shortcuts popup
Launcher: Added memory info in overview
Launcher: Fixed hotseat bar space only if QSB enabled
Updated launcher icons from lawnicons
Aperture: Keep screen on while in Camera
Aperture: Ask for GPS permission only on the first launch
Etar (calendar) fixes
DeskClock: Fix adding alarms after deletion
DeskClock: Redesign Timer input
DeskClock: Timer Setup: Add double-zero button
Allow editing all APNs and APN types
Improvements for dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
Network traffic mode rework
SystemUI: Align QS header with status bar
SystemUI: Fix QS header alignment with status bar
SystemUI: old style mobile indicator layout fixes
Fixed settings styles/wallpaper picker action
SystemUI: Ensure keyguard statusbar is gone when not showing
Fixed glitchy charging info on AOD
Fix VPN icon failed reloading after disabling
Removed custom style notification clear all button
Addeded screenshot tile
Added Google Sound Search tile
Added Package installer ability to show current and new version on apk installation
Add support for Lockscreen clock fonts
Add support for GMS switch for ParallelSpace
Fixed Youtube application when moving to PIP animation
Fix black screen issue due to wallpaper decoding exceptions
Fixed wallpaper selector
Styles: Use user fonts for Material UI themes
Override system fonts with user-selected overlays
Small changes to VolumePanel
Small changes to status bar icons
Small refinements to crDroidSettings
Lots of other small changes and fixes
Fixed possible battery info crash
Fixed custom statusbar logo customizations
Fixed issues with center clock
Fixed statusbar start side content layout
Fixed statusbar clock bg chip layout
Fixed statusbar end side content layout
Make center clock follow paddingTop
Hide OOS clear all if reticker enabled
Fixed DocumentsUI not listing internal storage
Switched notification background to monet on heads up
Small change to battery style icon fill
Fixed some battery styles issue
Some other small changes here and there
Updates to arm-optimized-routines and bionic
Updated translations

We've also added official support for following devices:

Device Link
Redmi K20 PRO/Mi 9T PRO
Realme RM6785
OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8
OnePlus 8T
Zenfone 5
Pixel 5
POCO M3 & Redmi 9T
Redmi Note 7 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 5
Redmi K30 5G
Mi Mix 2
Galaxy Tab S5e LTE
Galaxy Tab S5e WIFI

Unfortunately we've also dropped support and so looking for a new maintainer for:

Device Link
MI 8

That's it for now.

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