crDroid 10.3 released

Android 14 QPR2 with it

Written on Apr 05, 2024 by Lup Gabriel

crDroid 10.3 is Here - Built on Android 14 QPR2 with a Focus on Stability and Refinement

After a long time in the oven, we are now once again push updates to crDroid 10.
This month update took a long time as we had to rebase our source on top of Android 14 QPR2 API changes, but we've made it.
Anyway, here is what has been changed since our initial crDroid 10.2 release.

What's New?

Rock-Solid Stability

Our primary focus for crDroid 10.3 was to ensure a smooth and stable experience. We've diligently addressed various reported issues, including:

  • Fixed background color inconsistencies in the Quick Settings tile dialog (SystemUI).
  • Ensured the ChargingControl TimePicker respects 24-hour locale formats.
  • Resolved the "Abnormal while playing Netflix in PIP mode" error.
  • Improved customization options: you can now add space below the IME when navigation hints are disabled.

Reworked Customization and Functionality

crDroid 10.3 brings back a fan favorite - OmniStyle!
You can now enjoy extensive customization of the Quick Settings header image. Additionally:

  • Screen recording notifications are automatically dismissed upon stopping the recording (Screenrecord).
  • Fixed issues with notification dismissal in RecordingService (SystemUI).
  • Signal icons now display correctly even with circular icon packs.
  • The Dialer app now shows blocked calls in the call log for better call management.
  • We've updated various icon packs for a refreshed look.
  • Numerous other bug fixes address issues like ambient pulse notifications, lock screen face icon display, SplitShade header theme consistency, and more.

Performance Enhancements and App Updates

Experience smoother performance with reworked battery usage monitoring and updated core apps:

  • Aperture and Webview have received updates to their latest versions.
  • We've replaced Gallery2 with the modern and feature-rich Glimpse app.
  • Launcher3 boasts a revamped task options menu with a scrollable view for easier navigation.

Additional changes

  • OmniJaws has been enriched with 3 new icon packs for even more personalization options.
  • ScreenOffAnimation functionality has been improved with a fix for the system animation disable check.
  • Multilingual users will appreciate the updated translations.
  • Removed the Lockscreen media album art and filter options and systemwide Applock, with the latter retaining functionality within crDroid Home (Launcher3).

Ready to Experience crDroid 10.3?

Head over to our download page or your device's download channel on Telegram to grab the latest build of crDroid 10.3 and explore the many refinements and improvements we've packed into this release.

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