crDroid 10.0 is now released

Android 14 goddies in it

Written on Dec 22, 2023 by Lup Gabriel

crDroid 10.0 Based on Android 14 Is Now Released

We are excited to announce the release of our first crDroid 10.0 build based on Android 14!

This is a major milestone for us, and we are incredibly proud of the hard work that has gone into it.

Android 14 Changes

In this release, we have included all the latest features from Android 14, as well as a number of crDroid-specific enhancements.

These include:

  • Integrated Pixel framework for a more stock-like experience
  • A11 QS UI Style options
  • QS Panel Style options
  • The ability to set custom quick QS rows
  • The ability to set the phone ringtone for each SIM card on a multi-SIM device
  • A new Quick Tap feature for quick access to your favorite apps and actions
  • A new face unlock feature (requires a reboot after setup)
  • Island notifications for a cleaner and more organized notification experience
  • A dual-tone QS background toggle for a more modern look
  • QS footer data usage for quick access to your data usage information
  • Launcher improvements for a more fluid and responsive experience
  • Updated OmniJaws for better performance and stability
  • Updated Google Sans font for a more modern look
  • Updated sqlite for improved performance
  • Glass blur effect for a more immersive experience
  • Our ART optimizations
  • Improved responsiveness across the board
  • General performance improvements across the board
  • Updated AOSP clang to support the new MLGO regalloc model (improves app launch performance by 0.55% on ARM64)
  • And most of features you love from crDroid 9

We know that you've been waiting for this release for a long time, and we are so excited to share it with you.

Android 14 changes

In this release, we have included all the latest features from Android 14, such as:

  • New notification features: Android 14 introduces a number of new notification features, including the ability to snooze notifications, reply to notifications directly from the lockscreen, and use smart replies to quickly respond to messages.

  • Improved privacy and security: Android 14 also includes a number of improvements to privacy and security, such as the ability to use a password or pattern to unlock your device instead of your fingerprint, and the ability to see which apps are accessing your microphone and camera.

  • Performance enhancements: Android 14 also includes a number of performance enhancements, such as the ability to use a feature called "Smart Battery" to optimize battery usage, and the ability to use a feature called "Android Runtime (ART) optimizations" to improve the performance of apps.

We would like to thank all of our contributors for their hard work on this release. We are incredibly grateful for your contributions!

We would also like to thank our users for their patience and support. We hope that you enjoy this release!

Our NikGapps

While most of our releases are without gapps, some devices need gapps.

With this release we collaborated with Nikgapps dev, to have our own gapps variant in order to try and have a more shared experience across instalations.

What's included:

  • Core
    • ExtraFiles
    • GooglePlayStore
    • GoogleServicesFramework
    • GoogleContactsSyncAdapter
    • GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter
    • GmsCore
  • SetupWizard
    • SetupWizard
    • GoogleRestore
    • GoogleOneTimeInitializer
  • PixelSpecifics
    • DevicePersonalizationServices
    • SettingsServices
    • PrivateComputeServices
  • MarkupGoogle
  • GoogleTTS
  • GoogleSearch
    • Velvet
    • Assistant
  • GoogleSounds
  • DeviceSetup
  • AndroidAuto

So in order to get our gapps variant, please head to our Nikgapps custom page.


You can download crDroid 10.0 for your device from our download page.

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