crDroid 10.0 Beta and crDroid 9.11

BETA with a tad bit more stability

Written on Nov 16, 2023 by Lup Gabriel

Hey guys,  

We are inching closer to the stable release of crDroid 10, all while still providing updates to our most stable version, crDroid 9.   After our last blog update, a lot of devices got Beta builds, and we hope more will follow soon as well.

So let's see what changed in our latest updates.

Changelog crDroid 9

Initial crDroid 9.11
Updated security patches to 2023-11-05
Fixed SafetyNet issue
Some other small fixes
Fixed possible Bluetooth issue
Fixed AppLock
Some other small fixes
Updated Etar
Updated translations

Changelog crDroid 10

Added quick unlock
Launcher3: Little revamp for app info bottom sheet
Fixed some sepolicy denials
Created brightness slider category under crDroid Settings
Fixed animations
Fixed padding in keyguard carrier
Fixed security patch level not being listed in about page
SystemUI: Add charging icon to the charging animation
SystemUI: Improved charging animation
Battery Styles: Fixes and clean up
Updated Chromium Webview to 119.0.6045.134
Fixed some Updater issues
Some small ART optimizations
Improved responsiveness

As you can notice from our changelogs, our focus is now shifted to polishing the crDroid 10 experience, and we hope you'll enjoy it.

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