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Written on Jul 29, 2023 by Lup Gabriel

Dear all,

We hope this message finds you well and inspired by the power of open source ROM. We, the creators of crDroid Android Project, are writing to address a concerning issue that has come to our attention.
It has come to our notice that certain individual is attempting to profit from our open source work by selling paid versions of our ROM. We want to take this opportunity to emphasize that such actions directly contradict the essence and principles of open source.
At its core, open source is built upon the values of collaboration, transparency, and community-driven development. Charging money for an open source project goes against the fundamental spirit of sharing knowledge and technology for the collective benefit of all.
We strongly discourage anyone from purchasing or supporting paid versions of our ROM. Doing so not only undermines the principles of open source but also contributes to the potential exploitation of users who may not be aware that they have similar ROM with a reliable developer for your device, you may check XDA for alternate options.

With gratitude,
crDroid Android Team

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