crDroid 9.6 released

QPR3 included

Written on Jun 29, 2023 by Lup Gabriel

Well after few ALPHA and some BETA builds and ofc with the help of you, our community, we've finally managed to release our 9.6 version of crDroid.
Hopefully most bugs are ironed out, but if anything slipped through the cracks, we'll for sure fix with upcoming next updates.
This update took a bit longer since it's a QPR release, meaning we have to re-add features again, one by one, on top of Google AOSP / Lineage code.
Anyway, below you can find a list of changes we've made since the last update.

Initial crDroid 9.6 release
Updated to June 2023 security patches (android-13.0.0_r52)
Added expanded layout option for 3-button navigation bar
Added haptic effect for brightness slider
Added new smart charging controls (under battery settings)
Removed old smart charging support
Moved lockscreen shortcut customization to Wallpaper & Style (Theme Picker)
Fixed memory leak in notification panel and network traffic
Fixed washed out emojis with native keyboard
Fixed menu only opening once on legacy apps
Fixed menu in legacy apps with multiple activities
Fixed freeform transition visual issue
Fix the memory leak during high speed recording
Fixed system crash if font contains invalid/null font data
Fixed not setting proper call volume for LE Headset
Fixed an issue where device asks for PUK code instead of SIM PIN
GmsSwitch: Fix crash when GMS is admin app
SystemUI: Prevent edge lightning from pulsing outside keyguard/doze
SystemUI: show ime switcher + cursor keys if we have space
SystemUI: Hide notification icon area if headsup is visible
Increase 5 GHz network signal tolerance
Reworked SetupWizard
Added setup wizard AGPS option
WiFiInfo: Fix crash on google setup wizard
Configure font spacing for various clock fonts
Added double-line clock position setting
Added lockscreen text size settings
PixelPropsUtils: Update supported pixel code names
Removed colorkt and themelib support
Launcher3: Fix launcher crash caused by divide by zero
Launcher3: Show a toast when restarting the launcher
Launcher3: Fix black screen when clicking source pref in InfoBottomSheet
Launcher3: Apply settings layout for bottomsheet info pref
Launcher3: Add onClickListener for google icon in all apps searchbar
Launcher3: Fix quickstep live tile implementation
Launcher3: Allow to control parallax effect and center wallpaper
Launcher3: Reload icon pack settings fragment on resume
Launcher3: Corrected some permissions
Launcher3: Some other small fixes
Switch latest clang to 17.0.2
Messaging: Use light icons on conversations select menu
fonts: Adjust GoogleSans configuration
sqlite: Update to version 3.42.0
Updated DeskClock colors
Updated themed icons
Update dialog radius overlays
Updated theming for Gallery, DocumentsUI, Jelly browser
Updated Chromium Webview to 114.0.5735.131
Updated Eleven
Updated Aperture
Updates to art, bionic, libcore, harfbuzz_ng, freetype, giflib and libhevc
Updated translations

We've also (re)added official support for following devices:

Device Link
Realme 6 Pro
Moto G7 Power
Moto G7
Redmi Note 10

So this is it.
Happy flashing until next time.

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