Changelog week 6 - 2023

fixing SafetyNet as Google changed it again

Written on Feb 10, 2023 by Lup Gabriel

It's been a bit of time since our last changelog update, so here we go with what's new in crDroid land since mid January.

Added Nothing font NOS 1.5
Smart charging: decrease minimum charging limit to 40%
Added option to configure navbar radius
Added option to make navigation pill thinner
Added blur to power menu
Allow setting bottom keyguard shortcuts (requires some specific gapps addons with some options)
Introduce customizable navbar and hardware buttons
Launcher3: Optional music search toggle for QSB
Launcher3: Make music search icon colorful
Launcher3: Add light theme support for translucent hotseat background
Launcher3: Add customization to set hotseat background opacity
Launcher3: Match hotseat background with app drawer scrim
Launcher3: Add background chip for memory info view
Launcher3: Refine dock and all apps UI
Launcher3: Hotseat: Fix normal QSB width
Launcher3: Do not add more space on hotseat with taskbar
Launcher3: Redesign recents app buttons
Launcher3: Apply corner radius setting for app searchbar
Launcher3: Match app searchbar theme with dock searchbar
Launcher3: Clean up AssistantIconView
Launcher3: Adjust icons on dock search bar
Launcher3: Improve paddings for all apps search bar
Launcher3: Multiple work profile badge colors for Launcher3
Launcher3: fixed some issue with some icons packs
Launcher3: Allow widgets to have 1 row as minimum size
Updates and fixes for PixelPropsUtils
Fixed CTS/Play Integrity pass
Fixed permissions for ThemePicker
Fix gestures saving parameters
Fixed theming when adjusting status bar clock text size
Fixed expanded QS clock color
Fixed multiple QS background scrim issues
Fixed flooding with network requests
Fixed disabling power menu completely on secured locscreen
Fixed dialer call log crashing in some cases
Fixed some other small UI issues
Fixed toast app icon display inconsistency for system apps
Fixed some mobial signal UI issues
Fixed small clock when media isn't allowed on keyguard
Fixed edge long swipe gesture
ParallelSpace: Add Android Auto to block list
Make per-app work with multi audio focus
Disabled lockscreen album art by default
Aperture updates
Updated icons from lawnicons
Updates to bionic and arm-optimized-routines
Updated Chromium Webview to 109.0.5414.118
Contacts: silence logs about getDrawable without theme
DisplaySettings: font size in 5% steps from 80% to 130%
Tweaked Dialer material you theming
GameSpace: Remove dim layer from the panel view
Updated some default wallpapers
Updated some DeskClock stuff
Updated bionic
Updated Aperture
Updated translations

We've also added official support for following devices:

Device Link
Xiaomi MI9
Mi Max 2

Until the next one, have fun flashing your :)

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