crDroid 8.10 released and crDroid 9 updates

October 2022 security patches merged and crDroid 9 development progress

Written on Oct 13, 2022 by Lup Gabriel

crDroid 8.10 is ready

Well it sure has been a while since last update.
While we were silent on blog updates, we sure were busy with source changes.
Latest crDroid 8 and namely v8.10 is now ready with following changes:

Initial crDroid 8.10
Updated security patch level to 2022-10-05
PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints for October 2022 release
PixelPropsUtils: Update game props
crDroid Settings: Move settings for screen off FOD
SystemUI: Fix QS header clock color
SystemUI: Adjust the size of running services icon
addons: Drop Velvet OTA survival script
Update Chromium Webview to 106.0.5249.79
Dialer: Fix missing resource for voicemail message
Fixed udfps races condition
Updated translations

Some devices already got updates, while others will follow up soon.

crDroid 9 updates

Well happy to say that in crDroid 9 realm, all is ready for prime time with only some small validations needed.
Our code is kind of beta now, so expect some devices to get beta test builds soon if not already available.

That's all for now, so catch ya'll soon!

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