Changelog August 05th

Just fixing some stuff while updating other

Written on Aug 05, 2022 by Lup Gabriel

Hey all.

With this update we try to polish the crDroid experince and while some devices already got those updates, others are waiting in line.

GameSpace: Fixed issue with multiple users
Launcher3: Added an option to customize blur radius
Launcher3: Fix NPE for QuickStep hotseat prediction controller
Launcher3: Introduce memory info in overview
Launcher3: Added toggle for memory info view
Launcher3: Added more transparency for recents overview
reTicker: Do not show when content/icon is null
reTicker: Different other changes (should be more reliable now)
Contacts: some Material You love
Messaging: some Material You love
Dialer: some Material You love and fixes
Some other small improvements
Updated translations

With next update, expect to push new security patches from Google, yet for now this is all we've got for ya'll.

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