How to use SourceForge mirror

Since not everyone has top download speed

Written on Jul 03, 2022 by Lup Gabriel


SourceForge is our choice for helping distribute crDroid to you guys. maintains a geographically-distributed network of mirror servers, which receive copies of the files and dispense them to users. Since mirror servers are located throughout the world, users can pick a server that is physically close to them and receive great transfer speeds.

Selecting a mirror

There are times when network performance between two physically-close locations is poor.
If you encounter slow downloads from a mirror, simply use the "Problems Downloading?" link to pick an alternate mirror.
Note: If you're on mobile browser, use desktop mode for page load.

Choose problems downloading
Choose your closest mirror

If you get an error downloading, please ensure you have turned off any ad blockers and download managers that may be interfering with the download process.

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