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crDroid is designed to improve the performance, reliability and customizability of stock Android.
We officially support 87 devices in Android 8.1 Oreo and 27 devices in Android 9.0 Pie with more to come.


Features you love


Designed to be simple and lightweight for your device from the ground up


Customize your installation with more then 40+ options found under crDroid Settings


We cherish and treasure the privacy of our users with top-notch security options from Android and LineageOS


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Our general features

Android 8.1.0

Pixel look and feel

crDroid Music - Music player based on Phonograph

crDroid File Manager - File manager based on Amaze File manager

crDroid Home - Revamped and customized launcher with Google now integration

crDroid Settings - Our own chamber of secrets with below customization settings

OTA notification for officially supported devices

ART and BIONIC optimizations

Status bar customizations are here

Status Bar icons toggle

Clock & date customizations

Carrier label customizations

Network Traffic customizations

Customization for weather info in statusbar

Data activity toggles

Battery image and percentage toggle

BT battery toggle

Battery Bar customizations

Custom logo customizations


Quick settings to move fast

Custom header customizations

BT battery toggle

Weather tile customizations

Quick scroller for small QS tiles

Rows/columns configuration

Brightness slider configuration

Vibrate on touch toggle

Additional tiles: Sync, Caffeine, Ambient notifications, Sound, Volume, Compass, USB Tethering, Music, Expanded Desktop, PIP, Weather, Reboot/Recovery

Yeah we got this too

Customization for weather on lockscreen

Visualization toggle

Media cover art toggle

Battery info toggle

Face auto unlock for recognized trusted faces

Tap to sleep toggle

Notifications customizations

Toggle to access power menu and quick settings on secured lock screen

Fingerprint authentication vibration toggle

Buttons since why not?

Disable navigation HW keys

Backlight toggle and timeout settings

Accidental touch prevention for navigation HW keys

HW button mapping

Advanced reboot toggle

Power menu customizations

End call with power button

Long press power button for torch

Kill app with back button

Wake device with HW non-capacitive button


All the rest...

Recents Screen


User Interface




LineageOS Additional Features

For full features list visit this page

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Frequently Asked Questions

What base is crDroid using?

crDroid uses LineageOS as base. We try to keep in sync with LineageOS source while also adding lots of customizations for you to choose from.

For how long do you plan to keep updates?

As crDroid is based on LineageOS, which is also based on stock Android, we can say crDroid is going to keep updates flowing as long as LineageOS and Google do.

Are you going to add more features?

No way... Nah... just kidding... We always try to add more and more features with stability and security first in mind.

How do I become maintainer for crDroid?

It's really simple. Just message Gabriel over Telegram with the device you want to maintain. Note that we only support Pie builds for new devices as Oreo is only in maintenance mode.

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